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Character and Relationships: 7 – 8 October 2019


By popular demand, we are bringing you a rich two day event on Character and Relationships.  We are lifting the lid on our most up to date thinking on Bioenergetics and Personality.  

The programme will cover:

  • Leadership styles
  • Hidden mechanics of each personality type
  • Keys to relaxing back the ego
  • Shadow/Rackets
  • Holding difficult emotions
  • Coaching approaches for different types of people
  • Relationship containers

As challenging as some of the assertions are, bioenergetics is the training from which we receive the most powerful feedback. Many executives tell us how it saved their careers and/or gave them a framework to cope with the most difficult political cultures or turbulent personal seasons of their lives.  It offers a fascinating lens on the world of human interaction.  
Consistent with our strategy for sharing our content, it will cost only £450 so that most people can afford it and organisations can expose multiple leaders to the training.

The trainers are Jim McNeish and James McSporran.

To book your place, email us at


Norton House Hotel
Ingliston, Newbridge
EH28 8LX