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Meet the Clan

The clan is a team of excellent millennial professionals, already equipped to handle large crowds, conduct coaching conversations and notice subtle team dynamics.

Over this last year they have been absorbing the psychological models and theories from Cantle and Neish, learning how to build executive teams and develop leaders. This pattern has set the rhythm for the next few years: training, coaching and consulting with our clients then returning to the The Shireing with experiential learning to improve the theories.

The Clan

Jim McNeish

Jim McNeish

Executive Consultant

Jim is not a millennial ;-)  …but will not hear a bad word about them. He believes that Y-Gen consciousness is exactly what is needed to join up this severed world. He has had thirty years in leadership development and loves it more than when he started. Human potential studies, classical psychology and organisational development underpin his professional development but it’s hands-on work with Sainsbury’s, KPMG, Sellafield, BP, RBS, Welsh Rugby, Lambeth Palace, Condé Nast and Wagamama that gets him excited. Growing and establishing Quaich is his focus for the next few years.  

James McSporran

James McSporran

Leadership Consultant

James is a millennial. Now in his second year of leadership consultancy, James has used his immersion in the human potential movement to help leaders from organisations as diverse as and Lukoil. His NLP certification is particularly special as it was learned at the feet of the founder, John Grinder. James is also a European standard qualified coach. With a background in experiential learning and frequent requests to address audiences of more than a thousand, James is a great resource to those companies wishing to roll out culture change; especially if they want to engage their millennial constituency. James is particularly passionate about spiral dynamics and bioenergetics.  

Coming soon

There are another six consultants coming through the Quaich development process, three have degrees and post graduate degrees in psychology, one has a deep exposure to politics one is a marketing director and another has a passion for coaching.   As they become ready, we will introduce you to them on this page.  

You will love them.